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Duration: 70 hours

CCIE R&S 100% Placement Program

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Course Summary

To achieve this feet of CCIE in Routing and Switching, presently, Cisco expects you to clear the following two exams:

  • Cisco CCIE Routing and Switching Written Exam
  • Cisco CCIE Routing and Switching Lab Exam
  • The Written Exam (400‐101) version 5.1 tests a candidate with 90−110 questions which one has to answer within a time limit of 2-hour. This exam validates that professionals have the expertise to: configure, validate, and troubleshoot any type of complex network infrastructure; understand the interoperability of various components of an infrastructure; and translate all the functional requirements which are specific to the configuration of the devices.

    The Lab Exam version is an eight-hour, hands-on exam. It tests your knowledge to configure and troubleshoot a series of complex networks as per the given specifications. The candidates are expected to have thorough knowledge of troubleshooting and are expected to diagnose and solve all issues which are a part of the CCIE lab exam. The candidates are responsible for fixing all issues of devices residing in the network.

    What i will learn?

    • Lab Strategy
      • Configuring Trunking, VTP (v2 & v3), VLANs, Inter VLAN Routing, Configuring Ether-Channel, STP Manipulations (Startup Times, Port-Fast, BPDU Guard, BPDU Filter, Uplink Fast, Backbone Fast, Root-Guard), RSTP, MSTP, Configuring SPAN/RSPAN, Configuring VLAN ACLs (VACL), Configuring Storm-Control, Configuring QinQ Tunneling, Configuring Private VLANs, Configuring HSRP, VRRP & GLBP, Switch Security Features.
      • Basic RIPv2 Configuration, Configuring RIPv2 Authentication, Route Filtering using ACLs, Route Filtering using Prefix-Lists, Route Summarization with RIP, Configuring an Offset List, Configuring IPv6 with RIPng.
      • Basic EIGRP Configuration, EIGRP Authentication, Advanced EIGRP Configurations, Route Filtering using ACLs, Route Filtering using Prefix-List, Route Summarization with EIGRP, Configuring EIGRP Stub, Configuring IPv6 with EIGRP, Advanced Features.
      • Configuring OSPF Over Layer 2 Media, Configuring a Multi-Area OSPF Network, Configuring LSA Type Filtering, Inter-Area Summarization, Configuring OSPF Virtual-Link, Configuring OSPF Authentication, Configuring OSPF Area Types, Configuring IPv6 with OSPFv3, Advanced Features.
      • LAN-to-LAN IPSec Tunnel using Crypto Maps, Point-to-Point GRE, Encrypting GRE Tunnels using IPSec, Configuring Native IPSec Tunnel Interface S-VTI, Multipoint GRE (mGRE) Tunnel, Configuring DMVPN (Phase 1, 2, 3), Configuring IPv6 in IPv4 Tunnel.
      • Configuring eBGP, Configuring BGP Authentication, Configuring iBGP, Route Filtering using ACLs, Route Filtering using Prefix-Lists, Route Filtering using AS Path-Filter, Configuring Route Aggregation, Configuring Confederations, Configuring Route Manipulation using MED, Configuring Route Manipulation using Local Preference, Configuring Route Manipulation using Cisco Weight Attribute, Advanced Features.
      • Configuring MPLS Unicast Routing, Authenticating LDP Peers, Configuring MPLS VPN with Static Routes between Provider Edge and Customer Edge, Configuring MPLS VPN with RIPv2 as PE-CE Routing Protocol, Configuring MPLS VPN with EIGRP as PE-CE Routing Protocol, Configuring MPLS VPN with BGP as PE-CE Routing Protocol, Configuring MPLS VPN with OSPF as PE-CE Routing Protocol including Sham-Link, Configuring Domain-ID for OSPF PE-CE Routing, Configuring MPLS VPN Extranets, Configuring Export Maps, Configuring Import Maps, Configuring the Core Network based on MPLS Unicast Routing, Configuring an IPv6 over MPLS VPN.
      • Configuring Router as a DHCP Server & DHCP Relay Agent, Configuring IP-SLA, Configuring EEM, Configuring a Router to act as a TFTP Server to share the IOS Image, Configuring NTP, SDM, Configuring WCCP.
      • Configuring Telnet, SSH & HTTP Management using Local Management, Configuring Control Plane Management, Configuring NBAR to Block HTTP Attacks, Configuring Zone-Based Policy Firewall.
      • n-Depth QOS including MQC Policing, Congestion Management, NBAR to Classify, MQC Shaping & Nesting Classes; Advanced Features.
      • Configuring Multicast Routing using PIM – Dense Mode, Configuring Multicast Routing using PIM – Sparse Mode using Static RPs, Configuring Multicast Routing using PIM – Sparse Mode using Multiple RPs, Configuring Multicast Routing using PIM – Sparse Mode Auto RP, Configuring Multicast Routing using PIM – Sparse Mode BSR, Configuring MSDP.
      • Labs on Real Cisco Device

        All the students enrolling for the CCIE R&S course will be undergoing intensive lab training on all of the above mentioned topics.

    Career Pathways

    For those just starting a career in networking, here is a short list of the available types of positions and networking jobs:

    • Network Specialist
    • Network Technician
    • Network Administrator
    • Network Analyst
    • Network Manager
    • Network Engineer
    • Network Solutions Architect

    As you develop your networking career further, you might decide to specialize in one or more areas of networking.

    At this point, the networking jobs you would be applying for might include:

    • Network Security Specialist
    • Cloud Networking Architect
    • Networking Research and Development Specialist
    • Wireless Networking QA Engineer
    • Wireless Infrastructure and Mobility Specialist
    • Mobility Solutions Architect
    • VoIP Engineer
    • Telecom Project Manager
    • Data Center Networking Specialist

    There are also plenty of networking jobs in sales and consulting, so be sure to check out:

    • Networking Sales Specialist
    • Networking Account Manager
    • Networking Consultant
    • Networking Program Manager

    Certification : CCNA DATA CENTRE

    Student Reviews

    • I passed CCIE Security from first attempt from Networkershome .I was recommended from my Senior in Mangolia.

      NETWORKERS Home has world class instructors and Lab facility which is Biggest In India .

      Munkhjin Nyamtsogt

      CCIE SECURITY, #54696

    • The best Institute for all CCIE tracks. I came as a fresher, completed my ccie and got the number! with in few months. Those who are trying to get a CCIE, I recommend them to Join Networkers Home.

      HAZIF ISMAIL working at IPSOFT Inc.

      CCIE DATA CENTER, #52901

    • Best institute for CCIE in India..
      Best teachers..
      Best devices facility..
      If u want to be CCIE…there is no other place other than NH.

      Varun Bhatia

      CCIE SECURITY, #54049

    • One of the best institute in India, as per faculty, lab trainer, environment, technical stuffs. As per technical Staffs is also good & always supportive & 24×7 racks are available, & for study point of you , one of the best place.

      Vivek Dharmik

      CCIE DATA CENTER, #52164

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