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Frequently Asked Question

  • What is CCIE ?
  • CCIE, the abbreviated form of Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert, is a technical certification which Cisco Systems offer. This certifies the skills for a network engineer to plan, operate and troubleshoot complex & converged network infrastructure on a wide range of Cisco’s equipments. Networkers Home trains students in various tracks of CCIE, CCNP and CCNA courses which helps participants in clearing their certifications.

  • Can I take CCIE courses as a fresher?
  • The CCIE course at Networkers Home is designed and structured in such a manner that a fresher can enroll and get benefitted from the course. The course begins with the basics of networking which then helps students grow their knowledge slowly towards an professional level. A fresher student can be benefitted by spending extra time in the 24×7 available lab facility and utilizing their opportunity of peer learning.

  • Is ‘100% placement guarantee’ true for all courses?
  • The 100% placement guarantee is true for all the tracks in CCIE courses which is carried out here. The course module has been designed in a simple and structured manner which helps a student get technically adept to networking. Also the mandatory personality development sessions conducted by professionals help a student enhance their overall skills and knowledge which makes them get selected for an appropriate job role.

  • What is the scope of CCIE?
  • The CCIE certification training provided at Networkers Home is one of the most renowned in the networking industry. It helps a candidate interested in networking domain to take their level of expertise to its maximum and utilize their skills gained during the course in carrying out their job role. This is the reason for highest salary packages being offered at NH campus to CCIE certified network engineers by various IT giants in India and abroad.

  • What is CCIE Security lab eligibility?
  • The eight-hour exam requires an examinee to actualize and investigate thoroughly about a complex security situations. Analytical ability should be high while attempting to comprehend the issues. Knowledge of troubleshooting is a must to successfully clear the lab exam.

  • Which is the best track in CCIE to pursue?
  • The various tracks trained by NH are important in their own ways. A training in CCIE Routing and Switching helps a student to prove their ability to design, implement, verify and troubleshoot local as well as wide area enterprise networks & validates that you can work with specialists on advanced security, wireless, voice, and video solution. A CCIE Data Center certifies the expert level skills for planning, design, implementation and management of complex, modern IT Data Center infrastructure. Similarly, Security and Collaboration domains have their own benefits and implementation in the networking industry.

  • Which is the best networking institute for CCIE, CCNA, CCNP certifications?
  • It’s not about the “best” institute but it’s about the experienced trainers, excellent infrastructure, 100% placement assistance with personality development classes, up to date lab facilities and certification completion results. You may find all the above stated qualities at one place — Networkers Home.

    A 10 year old institute, Hexa CCIE trainers and updated technology place it distinctly in IT industry. NH provides training in various tracks of CCIE, CCNP and CCNA courses. The various tracks includes Routing and Switching (R&S), Security, Data Center and Collaboration.

  • Does the online modules provide training with equal efficiency?
  • The online modules are designed for foreign students and those who are outside the city of Bangalore and Delhi who can attend classes from their home comfortably. The module consists of online lectures, video tutorials, e-books, online rack access and workbook availability which enables students to learn at their own pace. The introduction of augmented reality app will soon take the online learning to the next level.

  • Which course to take after B. tech with no experience? CCNA, CCNP or CCIE.
  • At NH, a B.Tech fresher student who is motivated to pursue his career in networking may take up any of the CCIE, CCNA or CCNP courses. Here, the study materials and classes are arranged in a customized manner to help students gain up to the highest level of expertise. Also, individual counseling and training is provided to students who wish to spend more time practicing in lab.

  • Are there any levels in the courses being provided?
  • All the three courses CCIE, CCNP and CCNA are provided at three different levels in each of the courses. The levels are termed as Beginner, Intermediate and Expert. These are decided to ensure a smooth learning for similar bunch of students. The levels in a program help us to focus on all students simultaneously and also it helps encouraging peer learning among them.

  • Which track is better? Data Center (DC) or Security.
  • The tracks ‘Data Center’ and ‘Security’, both are important and are needed in their own ways. While the Security program helps in implementation, operation and troubleshooting of Cisco network security products and technologies, a DC program helps providing uninterrupted as well as reliable throughput across the entire network. So, both the programs are equally good but it depends upon the level of expertise and the area of interest of the students.

  • What are other skills and certificates required with Cisco CCNA/ CCNP certificate to get a job?
  • Apart from certifications completed in networking, basic computer operating skills which is generally possessed by a networking aspirant is expected. Further, CCIE certification can be taken which elevates the knowledge level of a student in CCNA or CCNP program to next level. Though a job role can be bagged with any of these three courses but to increase the level of expertise, a candidate must pursue CCIE program in due course.

  • How effective are the Bootcamp programs for the students?
  • The Bootcamp programs at Networkers Home have really been helpful for students even with a little knowledge in Networking. It helps in building strong basics among participants and has been designed keeping working professionals in mind. The course takes anywhere between 8 to 12 weekends. The students get benefitted by the recorded class videos, online tutorials and our world’s largest lab facility which helps in overall development of a student.

  • Are Bootcamps effective for a fresher student?
  • As Bootcamp programs include various tracks of CCIE programs, a fresher student with no industry experience should enroll for a regular course (classroom or online) first. The reason is a regular program has been designed to develop the basics of a participant which helps him/her in their career progress.

  • What features of the institute make it a unique solution provider in industry?
  • Networkers Home is a 10 years old institute with experienced trainers, excellent infrastructure, up to date lab facilities and certification completion results along with 100% placement assistance with personality development classes. Lab facility is available for students enrolled in both regular and online courses, and two physical centers with equal facility located at Bangalore & New Delhi. These features enables NH to create an excellent learning environment and also ensures a unique proposition to the learners.

  • How relevant is the content with real time scenario of ever growing technology?
  • Networkers Home owns a dedicated training research division which helps in regular development of the course material as per the latest trend in the industry. The updating of material ensures a growing learning curve for the students in accordance with the latest technology. NH has been known for its quality, and with largest available Cisco lab, the institute is a leader in this industry.

  • Is it possible to complete CCIE course earlier if I dedicate more time on training?
  • The course structure is designed in such a manner so as to deliver best to each student present. It would be beneficial if a participant attend the scheduled lectures appropriately to get most from the designed curriculum. Though more time can be utilized in lab practice, self-study and peer learning.

  • How the summer training module of CCNA helps students in getting career opportunities?
  • The summer training module of CCNA helps students learn about networking in their spare time. The 1.5 months summer training to students is basically project based to enhance participants knowledge as well as career opportunities in IT domain. The details of summer training programs is available on link

  • What companies can we expect onboard after completion of CCIE training?
  • The companies which shows interests in the placement process are major IT giants based in metro cities in India and abroad. Some of them are Google, CISCO, Oracle, Infosys, SAP, HP, TCS, CSS Corp to name a few. There is an even longer list of companies who are looking for CCIE certified candidates to hire, and thus a bright career is awaiting in near future.

  • Can I attend the lab facility daily or there will be any time constraint on use?
  • The 24×7 lab facility is available for all students who are getting enrolled with the institute. A dedicated lab trainer is available to assist the students while practicing in various tracks. There is no restraint on interested students as the institute helps them in developing their talent.

  • Does the course fee include certification fee?
  • The course fee is to be separate from certification fee. The course fee includes the fee to be deposited at the institute. The certification fee would be liable at the period when a candidate is willing to go for certifications, though a candidate is able to appear for placements even before appearing for certifications.

  • Is certification exam mandatory for appearing in a job interview?
  • The appearance in job interview depends completely upon the knowledge gained during the course taken up at the institute. So, a candidate may appear for placements even before appearing for the certifications. Our institute provide separate personality development sessions in regular intervals which a candidate is required to attend and can clear a placement interview successfully.

  • Does CCIE certification affect the kind of role and the company we are getting into?
  • A CCIE certified candidate is recognized as an expert to configure, validate, and troubleshoot any type of complex network infrastructure, understand the interoperability of various components of an infrastructure and translate all the functional requirements which are specific to the configuration of the devices.So, talent is well proven of a certified candidate and this makes them well appropriate for the candidature in near future.

  • How do you provide placement assistance to candidates enrolled in online programs?
  • The students enrolled in online programs appear for the IT giant located in their cities under the guidance of the institute. Further, the institute helps students appear for other companies if they wish to visit any of the two centers at Bangalore or Delhi in person.

  • Are there any prerequisites in various tracks to pursue CCIE certifications?
  • There is no such prerequisites in pursuing the regular CCIE courses. Though a student is expected to follow the curriculum and would be required to attend the classes regularly as per the schedule. The structure of course has been designed distinctly for different expertise level.

  • Where can I find CCIE certification questions? Are there any mock tests available online?
  • The exam pattern and questions are unpredictable and any such source claiming themselves to contain sample questions are misleading the aspirants. These sources can be harmful and thus we would suggest to enroll for a regular networking course and get themselves eligible for certifications.

  • Is course material designed to address job related queries too?
  • The course material is prepared as per the current industry scenario. The structure and content is designed to encourage a participant to raise their level of awareness to that of a project level. This helps in troubleshooting the real project scenarios. Further there are higher level of certifications which can be taken in due course.

  • Do people, other than trainers, go for CCIE in multiple tracks?
  • The different CCIE tracks have their own expertise. A CCIE R&S is known for their ability to configure, validate, and troubleshoot any type of complex network infrastructure while understanding the inter-operability of various components of an infrastructure and translating all the functional requirements which are specific to the configuration of the devices. Similarly, different tracks help develop different skills of a participant. Thus a candidate with multiple requirements or interest can pursue CCIE certification in different tracks.

  • Is it better to go for CCIE directly or first go for CCNA and CCNP following a few working years
    to go for CCIE?
  • It is better format to go for CCIE directly since the course curriculum for CCIE certification training in any particular track consists of overall training in that domain and hence helps a candidate save a lot of time and energy. For students who already have pursued CCNA or CCNP courses and are working currently may contact the institute for appropriate counseling.

  • What would be my future job opportunities (roles) after getting CCIE certified?
  • After getting CCIE certified, the job roles depend upon the tracks pursued. A CCIE in R&S gets an opportunity of Network Engineer/ Designer/ Consultant, a CCIE in Security works as System/ Network security engineer and similarly other tracks have their own roles and responsibilities.

  • Do you have arrangements to provide affordable accommodation facility to students?
  • The arrangement for students enrolling in any program at NH is well in place. Students face minimum difficulties and get accommodation in nearby areas. The facilities provided to them are made sure to be best. For international students, the following link can be visited

  • How does institute helps in placements of students apart from introducing to a company offering networking positions?
  • The institute runs mandatory personality development program for the existing students on regular intervals which help the students to enhance ability and focus on the weak areas of their expertise. Also each candidate is consulted in person about the steps to be followed to eliminate various drawbacks.

  • What will be the role of lab instructors for each tracks available?
  • Lab instructors are extremely helpful in providing one on one training. They are available 24×7 and train students for all the tracks available at our dedicated lab facility. Lab setup is arranged with various real time Cisco Devices which helps attaining confidence among the students.

  • Are there any course packages for the working professionals?
  • There are two packages for working professionals at Networkers Home. The participants mayattend course on weekends as per their specific requirement. Also NH provides fast track programs ‘Bootcamps’ which is carried out for 8-12 weekends.

  • The institute’s Hexa CCIE trainers would be available how frequently?
  • The instructors are always available for troubleshooting online for the students taking the course. They also take regular classes for all students on the important topics. The instructors are very interactive and ensures the learning and expertise of each and every participant.

  • Is the credibility of CCIE certification going down with increasing number of CCIEs in the country?
  • It is true that the number of CCIEs is increasing in the country but the demand for CCIEs is also increasing since IT industry has been continuously growing for last 2 decades. CCIE certification along with relevant knowledge at packet level is in high demand always. The advent of cloud computing & automation has influenced the required number of CCIE experts in the IT industry. A trainee should focus upon the skills gained during the course structured at Networkers Home.

  • Is there a facility of online courses on weekends only?
  • There are course packages which provides online courses to students on weekends. Even the fast track Bootcamp programs are run on weekends only for the working professionals. Apart from training from a CCIE certified instructor online, students get rack access, in-house developed workbook/lab manual access and lab trainers online.

  • Apart from lab facility, is there a space for self-study or group discussion?
  • Networkers Home possesses very large library facility which helps students in forming peer groups, self-study and use the space for learning & self-improvement programs. It consists of screens to play recorded training materials and helps in enhancing knowledge.

  • Possessing the world’s largest CISCO training labs, how would you rate the lab facility on quality?
  • The lab facility at Networkers Home is a state of art. The students can access the facility from anywhere around the globe. Theyare allowed to access rack anytime, upgrade IOS and alter physical topology among others with24x7 access to trainers.

  • Is there any limitation on the number of hours a student can practice in lab?
  • There is no constraint to the number of hours a student can practice. The in-house racks as well as those accessible online are available for students 24×7. Trainers are cordially available for one on one assistance to students.

  • What procedures does a student follow if s(he) doesn’t clear it in the first attempt?
  • This is a rare situation at institute as most of the active and vigilant students at training clear their certifications in their first attempts. In case it is not the scenario then students get free consultation to enhance their confidence and skills, free lab access and complete guidance until their third lab attempt.

  • Is there any loan facility for students from weak financial background?
  • Networkers Home have collaboration with various financial institutions and banks which help students with financial assistance while pursuing their courses. We also provide various scholarships to bright and talented aspirants.

  • Is it live or recorded training?
  • Online i.e. Live and full interactive classes are taken by renowned CCIE Certified Trainers in real Cisco Devices.

  • Can I ask any Question anytime during live training?
  • Online sessions are completely interactive. Students can ask any doubt to clear their concepts. Trainers are extremely cordial and are happy to respond back.

  • Can I get a recording of the class?
  • It is not possible to get the recording of the class. But after enrolling in the sourse, students are allowed to access lab sessions many times as per their need.

  • How are the online classes conducted? Can I attend demo class?
  • Online classes mainly conducted over zoom. Students enrolled for online classes in Networkers Home will get the requisite zoom-id, through which they can join in fully interactive, live, virtual classroom.

  • Does the instructor use white board over webex to draw or they just show PPTs ?
  • There are number of tools being used to clarify the concepts like Epic Pen, animated PPTs, HDMI LED Monitors along with demonstrations in real Cisco devices.

  • How are the lab sessions conducted?
  • Students are encouraged to access unlimited lab sessions that will hone their expertise level exponentially. Labs are open 24×7 with hands-on one-to-one instructors.

  • Does the trainer teach installing and working with Packet tracer/GNS for labs?
  • From CCNA level, classes are conducted with real Cisco Devices. The course modules will be distributed amongst students in their very first class, so that they acquire a clear vision about further course proceedings.

  • Are any notes provided for the classes?
  • Class notes in notepad consists of important points has been covered in the classes are distributed amongst students. Theory and Lab manuals are provided on the time of enrollment.

  • Is online classes suitable for complete beginner with no networking experience?
  • Fresher need thorough understandings of various hardware models, IOS and wires/cabling. It is recommended to begin with on-campus classes and attending the lab daily.

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